Our mission

A secure & transparent payment gateway on the Blockchain


The GLC project serves as a gateway to accept payments from clients around the world across various different industries. The purpose is to benefit from Blockchain's transparency and security. GoodLuck Coin can be used by people to purchase services on the web and enterprises can use the API to accept payment from clients.

The coin is pegged with the US Dollar (USD) and thus can be bought or cashed out any time through an exchange like Bitex.


GLC Features

Coin Supply
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Exchange backed

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Technical Features


The blockchain provides transparency to the transactions due to its open, distributed ledger infrastructure.


As GLC is built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, it provides a secure storage and financial control of the holdings.

Web wallet

The web wallet for GLC allows simple and fast transfer of coins from one wallet to the other. Enterprises have access to the Wallet API in order to accept payments from clients.

Enterprise ready

Developer-friendly API makes it easy to on-board the institutional clients and the support team makes the process hassle-free.

Multiple Payment options

The trading of GLC will be done through our partner exchange Bitex. There are various payment methods like Cash pick-up, Credit/Debit card and Wire Transfer to purchase GLC.

24x7 Support

Our 24x7 support desk ensures best experience for our clients.

OUR work way

How it works

Register for an account on Bitex
Add balance to your account
Explore any of the GLC supported websites
Use it as a currency to purchase goods/services
Withdraw remaining coins anytime
Ethereum Blockchain

GoodLuck Coin

GoodLuck Coin
Type :
General release:
80,000,000 GLC
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General description

GLC will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20* standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration. Herewith, the use of GLC is not limited to just the platform ecosystem.

Functions of tokens

  • Bets and remunerations in game rooms and disputes
  • Remuneration for a certain activity (player of the day, player of the month, etc.);
  • Payment of game developers' remuneration;
  • Payment of remuneration to digital content copyright owners;
  • Payment of remuneration for partner programs.

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Have any questions?

Where can you invest in GLC?

GLC is currently listed on Bitex and in order to trade, you need to visit Bitex, sign-up for an account and buy coins. You can also access the web wallet to send or receive GLC.

Can you buy the coin using fiat currency?

Yes, GLC can be purchased using USD (US Dollar) or AED (Dirhams). As GLC is a price-stable cryptocurrency and pegged with USD, the value will always be 1 GLC = 1. Currently, GLC is listed on Bitex which operates in UAE and India.

What is the minimum GLC purchase requirement?

The minimum is 1 GLC and can only be purchased in whole number quantity.

How does Deposit and Withdrawal work?

For more information about account creation, deposits, withdrawals and fees, please visit Bitex.

Which websites accept GLC and what are the different services you can use?

GLC is very recently got listed on Bitex and has received overwhelming response from the investor. As GLC can be utilized in places where collection of payment is difficult, we are working with a few travel booking websites, healthcare centers and so on. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive more info.

For more questions

For more questions, please email us on support@goodluckcoin.com or visit www.bitexuae.com. Our support team will get back to you with in 24 hours.

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